Trying to work that academic hustle, but don’t know how to get your name out there?

Did you set up a million profiles, then immediately get overwhelmed and abandon them?

Haha, yeah, me neither! 😅


All hope is not lost though! Join Alissa Hackett, professional library person and part-time social media ghost, to learn about the different kinds of researcher profiles and the most effective ways to use them. I’ve signed up to every website, so you don’t have to!

Covering hot topics such as:

  • The insider goss on the new UoA Discovery Profiles (from someone who broke them during testing)
  • Google Scholar is amazing at what it does – which isn’t what you think it does…
  • Can you really just upload all your articles to ResearchGate? Is that even legal?


Come along with questions, answers, opinions, facts, and that one weird website issue that you can’t seem to fix. We’ll take some time at the end of the session for folks who want help with their individual profiles, so feel free to bring your lunch or duck out after the main discussion.

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