Objectives of the society

  1. To promote excellent science by providing a community for FoS postdoctoral staff and early
    career researchers that facilitates networking and collaboration.
  2. To facilitate training and career development amongst FoS postdoctoral staff and early career
  3. To promote the interests of and provide a voice for FoS postdoctoral staff and early career
    researchers within both the Faculty of Science and the University of Auckland


Membership of the society is assumed for all postdoctoral staff and early career researchers working
within, or affiliated to, the Faculty of Science (FoS) at the University of Auckland; however, any
member of staff wishing to opt out may do so at any time. Membership of the Committee is open to
all members who attend Committee meetings and show an active interest in the running of the


You can reach the FoS Postdoc Society at fos-res-fellows@auckland.ac.nz. You can also join us on Facebook or Twitter. The committee seats each month, check the calendar for the place and time and feel free to join us!

2021-2022 Board

Louise Stubbing

Matthew Sullivan

Ben Mallet

Ashley Lindsay

Alan Cameron

Lena Weissert

Eddie Chan
(Media Manager)


Don’t hesitate to contact your representative for any matter.

Ivana Sequeira
(Equity Committee)

Rebecca Deed

Jiwon Hong

Jiwon Hong

Matthew Sullivan

Pierre de Villemereuil

Shinji Kihara

Lisa Pilkington

Melissa Cadelis

Nicholas Demarais

Jess Aitken
(Environmental Science)

John Cirillo
(Exercise Science)
John Cirillo

Shahna Haneef

Steve Wells



(Computer Science)