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Researcher Profiles Workshop

Trying to work that academic hustle, but don’t know how to get your name out there? Did you set up a million profiles, then immediately get overwhelmed and abandon them? … Haha, yeah, me neither! 😅   All hope is not lost...

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FoS Res-Fellows Afternoon Tea at SBS

Hey FoS Research Fellows!   Our FoS Res-Fellow Society afternoon tea is Thursday, August 12th at 2pm in the SBS Tea Room (110-263)! These afternoon teas are monthly, and alternate between SBS and Building 302. All FoS Res...

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2021 AGM Photos

Thank you to all those who have attended our Annual General Meeting for 2021. It was great to see so many people from different schools within the faculty mingling. Here are a few photos from the event! Reminder: We have an...

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Annual Symposium 2019

The 4th annual symposium of the FoS Postdoc society will be held on the 21st of November, 2-5pm, room 301-G053 (MedChem). Every postdoc and early career researcher will have the chance to give a 3min presentation about their...

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Panel event – ALL WELCOME!

Reflection: Tips and tricks for your early career-self Your time as a Postdoc can be chaotic and overwhelming! How do you prioritise your time and decide what skills and attributes to focus on to drive your career in the desired...

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